NSDA Middle School Speech Challenge

2020 — Online, US

Judge Requirements

(updated 4/19/20)

Online Ballots

All judges must have a linked account prior to being registered for the tournament. Share this document on how to set up your team and judge using online ballots.

Judging Requirements By Event Group

Middle schools are required to bring at least one school-provided judge. Your registration will not be accepted if you do not have one judge entered. If you owe multiple judges, you may buy-out the obligation for $160 per judge owed as long as you have one judge entered. For example, if you owe 2 PF judges, you must bring one in-person judge and have the option of bringing a second judge OR paying $160 to cover the obligation of the 2nd judge.

High School Judges

  • If a school brings high school students to judge, they must have been juniors or seniors with at least 250 Honor Society points in the last academic year. No underclassmen or upperclassmen without 250 Honor Society points will be permitted to judge. A rising junior does not meet this criteria. High school students that do meet these criteria can fulfill the judging obligation of a school.
  • When you enter a high school student judge to cover your school's obligation, you must click on the judge's name and toggle the button that says "HS student that meets criteria". 
  • All events will use online ballots.