Aaron Thomas Memorial Invitational at Mill Valley

2019 — Kansas City, Kansas, KS/US

Scholarship Raffle and Walk Up Music Sign Up Form

MGCDI Scholarship and Walk Up Music Form

Sign up here to be eligible for our raffle at the awards ceremony for scholarships to the Mean Green Comet Debate Institute hosted by the University of Texas-Dallas and the University of North Texas

The Top Ten Speakers in the Novice, JV, and Varsity divisions will have the opportunity to receive their Speaker Award to the song of your choice at the awards ceremony. Have some fun and do this! If you don't enter a song, we'll embarrass you by playing Smashmouth's "All-Star" when you receive your award. (We'll try to post a list of the Top 25 Possible Speaker Awards prior to Round 5 and 6 so you'll know if you ought to be at the awards ceremony). 

Have fun and enjoy y'allselves!