2019 — Madison, WI/US

Novice CX

Disclosure from Ft Atkinson:

Advantages - Child Soldiers, Legitimacy
Disads - Alliances, Game of Thrones, Econ, China Fill-in
CPs - Human Rights
Ks - Weaponitis

Disclosure from Evanston Township:

Evanston runs a version of Mexico Small arms AFF. 

Off case positions include 
Pearson Topicality 
Reduce T 
Substantial T 
HEA education bill D/A
Impeachment D/A
Petro Dollar D/A 
Russia Arms d/A 
Conditions CP
Consult NATO CP
Congress CP
Saudi Arabia offsets CP


Additional Info from SPASH:

SPASH is running Saudi Arabia with child soldiers and yemen war in one version and a more critical version that includes gendered violence and framework.
Negative Stuff:
China Fill in
2020/Biden scenario
1033 DA



Badgerland's policy division provides a unique opportunity for Wisconsin novice debaters to meet and debate with those from other states. This means some bending of the Wisconsin standard rules for the division. The standard WDCA limitations on novices ARE NOT in effect. Instead this division operates similarly to Wisconsin LD and PF divisions - a special division for middle school or first year debaters to meet students at or near their current experience level.

1) Cases/Arguments. The Wisconsin novice packet can be found at:

Wisconsin teams limiting themselves to the packet arguments do not need to submit additional information. Debaters may present original evidence to support or craft their own variation on the packet arguments.

Non-Wisconsin teams (and those Wisconsin teams exercising an opportunity to expand their arguments):
All participating teams must disclose any plan texts and arguments (including clearly labeling any CP or Ks as such) that are not also in the Wisconsin packet by November 11. Teams need only share enough info so an opposing team can reasonably prep the issue/argument and be sure to have files.

Information should be emailed to Tim Scheffler (timscheff @ I will create a custom tab on tabroom as the information is shared with me.

2) Argument Limitations

Any argument not contained in the WI novice packet OR submitted and posted to the tournament website should be ignored by a judge upon objection by the opposing team. A plan text not in the packet or on the website shall result in a loss being given regardless of an in-round objection.

Only one CP and one K may be read in a round. Running two CPs and/or two Ks shall be grounds for an immediate loss.