SCU Dempsey Cronin Invitational

2019 — Santa Clara, CA/US

Congress Bills

Bill #1: Paid College Athletes
Whereas, colleges generate significant monies from athletics and related products,
And whereas, many college athletes struggle with cost of living expenses,
Be it Resolved: college level athletes should be allowed to profit from endorsements and promotions in the US.
Bill # 2.  Technology companies and Job Loss
Whereas, technology is increasingly eliminating many manual and service jobs in the our economy, and
Whereas, technology firms are making significant profits,
Be it resolved that technology companies must a pay a tax for every job eliminated by mechanization.
Bill # 3.   Russia and the G7
Whereas, the world economy is tied to international trade and cooperation, and
Whereas, Russia is a significant player in world relations, and
Whereas, integration of economic and military powers is beneficial to all,
Be it Resolved that Russia be allowed to rejoin the G7 Group of World Powers.
Bill #4.  Vaccinations
Whereas, childhood vaccinations are key to combating disease, and
Whereas, the is a growing anti-vaccination movement, 
Resolved all exceptions for medical vaccinations  be made illegal in the US.
Bill #5 Public Utilities and Wildfires 
Whereas, utility lines and infrastructure has caused several major wildfires, and 
Whereas, maintenance and safety of these lines is the responsibility of the power companies,
Be it Resolved that public utility power companies be solely and fully liable for damages from wildfires their infrastructure caused.
Bill # 6 President Trump
Whereas the Mueller Report documents attempt by President Trump to suppress evidence and testimony, and
Whereas, the President has sought to profit from using his own private properties,
Be it  Resolved  the House should impeach President Trump.
Bill #7  US China Trade Relations
Whereas, China has proven to be an unfair trade partner with the US, and
Whereas, China is a human rights violator, and
Whereas, China has attempted to steal American industrial secrets, 
 Resolved that the US should eliminate China's "most favored nation" trade partner status.
Bill  # 8 Gun Sales
Whereas, thousands are killed in the US every year by legal handguns, and
Whereas, there has been a rash of mass shootings,
Be it Resolved that the US adopt background checks and a ten day waiting period for all guns sales.
Bill # 9 Fast Food and Health
Whereas, there is an epidemic of obesity in the US,  and
Whereas, fast food has been identified as a source of poor diet 
Be it Resolved: fast food restaurants should be prohibited from giving children toys or prizes with meals.
Bill #10  Tropical Forests 
Whereas, tropical forests are being cleared at an alarming rate world wide,  and
Whereas, tropical forests are key to slowing climate change, 
Be it Resolved the US should pay foreign governments with tropical forests monies to protect undeveloped land.