Minnesota Classic

2019 — Minneapolis, MN/US

Judging Information

One judge will cover two teams. We request that all judges enter a judging philosophy on Tabroom no later than Tuesday, September 10 at 5 pm. All judges will be obligated through the second elimination round on Sunday to ensure adequate judging numbers to make out rounds happen. Each school’s judges will be obligated one full elimination round past their team’s participation in the tournament.

Please constrain yourself from those that you have previously coached, debated alongside, or had some other close intimate relationship with.

A note on hiring judges: We are not geographically near many schools that participate in NPDA. Moreover, we do not have an extensive pool of alumni to hire for the tournament. To that end, it is quite difficult for us to hire high-quality judging for our tournament. If you can bring additional judges beyond your obligation, we would be happy to hire them for the full tournament. Additionally, if there are judges that would like to judge beyond their commitment, we are willing to pay $25 per round. If you can donate your time to judge for us, we would greatly appreciate it. Please email Bryce if any of these arrangements are possible.

To that end: please cover your entries. We will do our best to hire judges but cannot guarantee that many will be available. Each uncovered team that we can cover with hired judging will be assessed a $150 fee. If you have uncovered entries, please email Bryce as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements for them.