Chattahoochee Cougar Classic

2019 — Johns Creek, GA/US

Fee & Judge Info

Entry Fees & Deadline

The entry deadline is September 24, 2019 at 5:00PM. All fees will be assessed at that time.  However, divisions in previous years have filled up SUBSTANTIALLY in advance of that deadline.  I strongly encourage you to register early, as we have limited classroom space.


School Fee: $25.00

Each Policy Team: $70.00

Each LD Debater: $40.00

Each PFD Team: $50.00

All checks should be made payable to “Chattahoochee HS Debate”

Hired Judging

Hired judges are by request only.  We will fill requests in the order they are received.  If you wait until the last minute, we will try our hardest to accommodate, but it is likely that we will be unable to fulfill late hired judging requests.  Once you have requested a hired judge, you must pay for that judge.  Uncovered entries will not be allowed to compete. 

Hired Judge: $275 per 2 policy teams, or 3 LD debaters, or 3 PFD teams (or $45/round for Varsity Policy).  

Judging Obligations

Judge obligations extend one round past the round in which that school’s teams were eliminated.  All varsity policy judges are obligated through the quarterfinal round on Sunday morning.

We encourage you to provide your own qualified judging, as a limited number of hired judges will be available.  Please notify us of your judging needs as soon as possible.  Please make sure that any judges provided for the novice division are made aware of what can and cannot be read in that division.  Any school that uses student judges must be able to verify that these students have debated in at least seven tournaments in their career.  Given that we have separate judging pools, novice and/or JV judges cannot cover commitments in the Varsity division.