Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament

2019 — Northbrook and Glenview, IL/US

Novice and JV Eligibility – All Debate Types

In the interest of ensuring that no students are entered by their coaches in the incorrect division, we have drafted what we believe to be clear and concise language for novice and junior varsity eligibility.   The directors of the Glenbrooks cannot verify the experience of each individual entrant in our tournament, so it is incumbent upon individual coaches to ensure their students are entered in the right division. 

Entrants found to be in violation of eligibility rules may be removed from the tournament at the Tournament Directors' discretion.

Please note that in order to compete in any division labeled, "novice," a student or students must be the first year of debate and first topic. If they have debated in middle school they cannot be in this division.

Please note that in order to compete any division labeled, "junior varsity," a student or students must be in their first or second year of debate and first or second topic. Middle school years count as years of debate.