45th Harvard National Forensics Tournament

2019 — Cambridge, MA/US

Wifi Instructions

Harvard Wifi:

1. Connect to "Harvard University" 

2. Go to getonline.harvard.edu and select "I am a Guest"

3. On the next page, select "Register for Guest Access"

4. Fill out the required information and select the box to agree to the terms of use. Click Login to receive your credentials.

5. Your Guest Credentials will now be shown and you can click login to gain network access. Once logged in you will be online and can browse the internet.

Lesley Wifi:

They should be connecting to the wireless network "Lesley_Open".   Once connected, they will be re-directed to the registration page upon opening a web browser.  If they open a browser and do not get the registration page, they should try going to www.lesley.edu .  The registration page will ask for a username and password, which is where they should enter the provided credentials. 

Username: HDT_WIFI

Password: 8t?mUy

Cambridge Public Schools Wifi (CRLS, Longfellow, King/Putnam):

Connect to the wireless network “CPS-Public-Access.” Follow any instructions on your device to access the internet.

Boston Public Schools (Brighton, Boston Green)

Brighton HS: network: BPS_Guest, password: N0w1r3$$ (the second character is a zero)

BGA: network: TAFTLAN, Password: 605warren