Howl Yes Arkansas State

2019 — Jonesboro/Arkansas State Univer, AR/US

Congress Legislation

We will be using the following bills...

Session 1

10. A Resolution to End Shark Finning

12. A Resolution to Allow NASA to Extract Energy from Yellowstone to Save the World

15. A Resolution to ban the Felony Checkbox on Application Forms 

24. A Resolution to Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord Agreement

Session 2

3. A Resolution to Prioritize the Replacement of Traffic Light Intersections with Roundabouts 

4. A Bill to Cease All Arms Sales to Taiwan

18. A Resolution to Reduce Human Trafficking Globally 

23. A Bill to Establish Congressional Term Limits 

Super Session

1. A Resolution to Develop and Deploy IRBMs to East Asia

6. A Bill to Create a Child National Child Abuse and Neglect Database

13. A Resolution to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags in Grocery Stores to Reduce Environmental Harm

19. A Bill to Eliminate the Gender Wage Gap