Howl Yes Arkansas State

2019 — Jonesboro/Arkansas State Univer, AR/US

Judges, Food, & INFO

**********JUDGES & COACHES**********

As always, your judges are welcome and greatly appreciated. However, in an effort to grow community support for debate and forensics, A-State has chosen to incorporate basic judge training into the curriculum for a selection of our Argumentation & Oral Com classes. Several of our students and some faculty will be available to judge the tournament, lowering your typical judge commitment.

********** FOOD **********

We will provide a hospitality room and refreshments for traveling coaches and judges both days of the tournament. Vending machines are available, but campus restaurants are typically closed by 4:00pm on Friday. We will let you know if any food servicers end up scheduling extended hours for the event, but no guarantees. If campus food services are unable to remain open later than normal on Friday, you will need to make arrangements to feed your students.

**********BUILDING RULES**********

·       Food is not allowed in any classroom. Drinks without lids are not allowed in any classroom.

·       Classrooms are for rounds only; no loitering in classrooms between rounds.

·       DO NOT move furniture in rooms. If you need something moved, you MUST ask a tournament staff member to help.

·       ALL rooms must be put back in order after each round.

·       Please do not use trashcans in classrooms; only throw trash away in large receptacles outside the classrooms.