The Betty Gunn Invitational at Mountain Brook High School

2019 — Mountain Brook, AL/US

Judging Requirements


This is a local and non-qualifying tournament, so rounds will be primarily focused on learning and growth in the activity. Without constructive feedback, that goal can't be achieved, so the community relies on quality judging. It is each school's responsibility to effectively contribute to the judging pool in order to strengthen the tournament as a whole.

Here's what to expect:

Before Tournament: Judges should be trained and know the basic rules of the event they are assigned to judge.  They must have an electronic device to enter ballots. Judges should have a set up Tabroom account and understand how to use it. Additionally, all judges must have a paradigm completed on the website.

During Tournament: There will be a mandatory judge meeting at the beginning of the tournament (outlined in the tournament schedule). Judges will be required to stay 1 round after their school's farthest advancing team is eliminated. A complete ballot requires a comprehensive Reason for Decision and comments to each debater, along with assigned speaker points. Judges are required to disclose and are strongly encouraged to give a verbal RFD. Additionally, judges should take notes and closely listen to the round to ensure the best decision and feedback possible. 

LD:  Teams must provide one judge for every 4 LD debaters or fraction thereof.  


PF: Teams must provide one judge for every 3 PF teams or fraction thereof.  


IE: Teams must provide one judge for every 4 entries or fraction thereof.


Student Judges: If you have novice PF entries, your varsity students can be entered to judge the NPF division on the condition that your student judges are not novices themselves, have debated in PF this year and have more than 250 NSDA points, and that you are certain will provide constructive criticism. Many times, student judges make better (and by better, I mean cooler in the eyes of a novice) than parent judges who have less experience with the nuances of the activity.


If you have any questions please contact Coach Wood Weas at (205) 281-6307.