Kanellis Invitational

2019 — Iowa City, IA/US

Information and Schedule

Entry Fees and Payment Information

$75 per varsity policy team
$40 per novice policy team

Fees will automatically be calculated and can be found on your Tabroom invoice.

All fees must be received before or at registration, unless other arrangements are made prior to the tournament.  Checks should be made payable to ‘Iowa City West Debate’ and can be mailed prior to the tournament to 2901 Melrose Ave, Iowa City, IA 52246. 

If it is impossible to pay ahead of time or at registration due to your district's financial protocols, please notify Megan prior to the tournament, and we would appreciate a copy of a payment request be turned into us at registration.  Thank you for your understanding.

All schools will be expected to provide a check at registration unless the check was mailed or arrangements were made ahead of time.  Entry fees will be final as of Friday, February 15th at 5:00 PM. 

Judging Requirements and Hired Judging Information

Each school must provide one judge per every two teams in both the novice and varsity policy divisions (one judge = 3 rounds). Half commitments for an odd number of teams will be honored, but please specify who is fulfilling a half commitment in the notes while registering.

Student Judges: Juniors/seniors with at least two full years of debate experience may judge novice. Coaches, please do not enter high school students as judges if they are unable to behave professionally and provide an educational experience for younger debaters. High school judges should NOT utilize the judges/coaches lounge which is for adult judges and coaches only. We appreciate you communicating this to your student judges prior to your arrival at our tournament.

A limited number of judges may be hired through the tournament at a cost of $50 per round in varsity ($300 for a full commitment) and $35 per round in novice ($210 for a full comittment).  

You must specifically request to hire judging.  Uncovered entries will not be accepted. If you have neither entered the judge(s) you plan to bring nor requested to hire by Friday, February 17th deadline, you will be charged the hired judge fee for any missing judges.

We care about the quality of the judging panels at our tournament. We would appreciate coaches making themselves available to judge.  Thanks!


All competition will take place at West High. Please be advised that these times are approximate; we will accelerate the schedule whenever possible, so DO NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING between rounds!  Also, depending on division size, we reserve the right to expedite the schedule and/or break to the appropriate elimination round.

Friday, February 22
3:30-4 PM Registration in Cafeteria
4:30 PM Round 1
Dinner break
7:30 PM Round 2

Saturday, February 23
7:30 AM Pairings Released 
8:00 AM Round 3
10:30 AM Round 4
Lunch break
1:30 PM Round 5
4:00 PM Round 6
6:15 PM Awards
7:00 PM Varsity Octofinals; Novice Quarterfinals

Sunday, February 24
7:30 AM Pairings released
8:00 AM Varsity Quarterfinals; Novice Semifinals
10:30 AM Varsity Semifinals; Novice Finals
1:00 PM Varsity Finals