Central Minnesota District Tournament

2018 — MN/US

Central Minnesota District Qualifier

for the 2019 National Tournament
Minnesota State Capitol
St. Paul, MN
Wed 11/14 Wed 11/14 HOU SEN
St. Paul Academy
St. Paul, MN
Sat 12/8 Sat 12/8 LD PF
Washington Technology High School
St. Paul, MN
Fri 12/7 Sat 12/8 CX
Roseville Area High School
Roseville/Eagan, MN
Big Questions Debate
Stillwater Area High School
Wayzata, MN
Sat 4/27 Sat 4/27 BQ

Policy 2018 Information


2018 Central MN NSDA Policy Debate Tournament
December 7-8, 2018
Washington Technology Magnet School

All Central Minnesota NSDA Schools are invited to participate in the Central Minnesota NSDA Policy District Debate Tournament to be held December 7-8, 2018 at Washington Technology Magnet School. The top three entries in Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum Debate will qualify to compete at the NSDA National Tournament next June in Dallas, Texas.

The NSDA has many important procedures in registering for the tournament that can seem daunting, especially for schools participating for the first time.  Please make sure to thoroughly review the instructions on this site so that you are following each procedure.  If at any time you have questions or need assistance in the registration process, do not hesitate to contact Zach Prax at zachary.prax@district196.org.

Before the tournament:

1.       Register on tabroom.com by Friday, November 30th at the latest. No new entries will be allowed after this date, but you will be allowed to make changes to your registration.  NOTE:  You will only be allowed to register if you have paid your national dues and your chapter is in good standing.
2.       Be sure that you have paid all outstanding bills for new members. If you have not paid, you will need to pay these fees at tournament registration (this is true of all new members even if they are not competing). In addition, all students competing at the district qualifier must be registered with the NSDA...this is done by completing the registration process (which includes submitting an email address and accepting the NSDA Honor Code) on the NSDA website.  Tabroom.com will not allow non-members to be registered.
To Bring To Registration:
1.      A check to cover entry fees and local dues. There is a $25 entry fee for each entry (each public forum team counts as one entry). There is a $75 fee for each hired judge. If you have 4 entries in a single event, you must pay for one hired judge (so, two hired judges if you are bringing 4 LD debaters and 4 PF teams). There is also a $50 fee for local dues (which covers congress, debate, and speech for the year...this may have already been paid by your school at the Congressional Debate qualifier). THE CHECK FOR ALL ENTRY/JUDGE FEES AND LOCAL DUES SHOULD BE PAYABLE TO
      Minnesota Debate Teachers Association
       c/o Zach Prax, Central Minnesota NSDA
      6200 140th Street W
      Apple Valley, MN 55124
2.       A separate check for any outstanding NSDA membership fees (if applicable).  I will email you any amount due to the NFL office one week prior to the tournament date. THE CHECK FOR ALL OUTSTANDING NSDA FEES SHOULD BE PAYABLE TO 

                                                      National Speech and Debate Association
                                                                       401 Railroad Place
                                                               West Des Moines, IA 50265
3.   Completed Single Entry Letters of Intent (for students that competed at the 2018 District Congress REGARDLESS OF QUALIFICATION STATUS / students that are autoqualified to the 2018 National Tournament) (if applicable).  
2018 Site Information:
Thank you to Washington Technology for hosting the 2018 District Tournament in coordination with the MNUDL Championships!  In addition, a major thank you to Jake Swede for coordinating this event.
Washington Technology Magnet School is located at
1495 Rice Street
Saint Paul, MN 55117
Resolution: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.
Qualification to Nationals:
During the 2017-2018 school year, the Central Minnesota NSDA District obtained over 1400 new members and degrees.  Because of the size and strength of our entire district, the National Speech and Debate Association has designated Central Minnesota as being a Level Three Bonus Qualifier.  What this means is that we are guaranteed three entries to attend the NFL National Tournament in Dallas,Texas  in each speech and debate event.  This bonus is conditional on a requirement that we meet the original criteria for qualifying two contestants in each event we want to have the bonus in.  THANK YOU TO ALL SCHOOLS that helped us achieve this goal by consistently entering NFL points for your students - please keep up this great work!

Again, please email zachary.prax@district196.org with any questions or if you need assistance registering for the tournament.  


Zach Prax
District Chair, Central Minnesota NSDA
Judge Coverage Rules for Policy Debate :
  1. Head Coach (covers 1st & 2nd entry)
  2. Assistant Coach or Hired by tournament (covers 3rd entry)
  3. Hired by tournament (covers 4th entry)


Friday, December 7
Registration     3:15-3:30 p.m.
Round 1           3:45 p.m.
Round 2           6:00 p.m.
Round 3           8:15 p.m.
Saturday, December 8
TBD based on remaining entries