Jesuit Debate Invitational

2019 — Dallas,TX, TX/US

Tournament information

Entry Deadlines and Judge Requirements


January 30, 2018 8:00 pm - Preferred Entry Deadline. No new schools may enter after this time.


Monday February 4 is the last day for drops. You may continue to make changes on the site without penalty until the drop deadline. If you have changes after February 6 please email Tracy McFarland at


Each school is required to provide at least 1 QUALIFIED judge per two policy teams they are entering.  Each school is required to provide at least 1 QUALIFIED judge per three public forum teams they are entering.  Each school is required to provide at least 1 QUALIFIED judge per three Lincoln-Douglas competitors they are entering.  Each school is required to provide at least 1 qualified judge per 10 entries in Congressional Debate. 


Each school is required to provide at least 1 QUALIFIED judge per 4 entries. 


Please remember that providing a judge is a requirement; however, constraints in events based on numbers entered by a school may limit usage of that judge.  A limited number of judges will be available for hire through the tournament.  However, please let us know by the end of January if you are in need of hired judging.  The sooner you enter judge information, the easier it will be to make sure we have enough. 


We ask that all judges put their judge philosophy on the if judging debate events. 


Makes fee checks payable to Jesuit College Prep


Congressional Debate Information

Legislation - TFA Spring 2019 packet.  If two sessions, session 1 will use 1-15; session 2 will use 16-30. 


If we go below 20 competitors, per TFA rules, we will have one session on Friday night with 3 judges.  This session will be from 5-630 and 7-930.  We will allow Congress entrants to line jump dinner if it's long at 630 in order to ensure they have adequate time to eat before they return from their dinner recess. 

Tournament information and guidelines


Important note about our facilities---No smoking on campus property.  You will notice a lot of art on the walls; Jesuit is an art museum as well as a school (really, we are).  Any damage done to art in the building will be considered a matter for the police.  Please do not mess with the art. 


 1. We will encourage disclosure of affirmative and negative arguments in debate via the National Debate Coaches Association Wiki at 


2. Ballots and pairings will be available on for Debate events.  We will use paper ballots for IE events. 


3.  We also will hand out copies of IE pairings in the cafeteria and Hughes Hall.  Before and between rounds, students may gather in either Hughes Hall or in the cafeteria. 


4.  An adult sponsor must be in attendance at all times.


5. All rooms will be straightened by participating students.


7. Anyone caught stealing or destroying property will be escorted with his or her team off campus.  Any damage done to art work or technology will be considered a matter for the police, who will be on campus. 


8.  Wireless is available on the Jesuit Guest Network throughout the school.  The password will be made available at registration.    


Please enter the building in the front entrance facing Inwood.  There are several spaces in the front and to the side of the building.  Parking attendants will direct you to acceptable parking areas, including bus parking.  People will be inside to direct you to Hughes Hall and the cafeteria. 


Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas is located at:


12345 Inwood Road


Dallas Texas 75244


Jesuit is just south of 635 and the Dallas North Tollway on Inwood Road.