Panther Fun Invitational

2018 — San Jose, CA/US

Info Sheet

Basic Information about Panther Fun Invitational


Students should hang out in the Marian Stuckey center and outside in the center of campus on Friday and Saturday. 
Judges should report to the Library on all days of the tournament.  Concessions are located in the Marian Stuckey Center.  Everything is marked on the map provided in this packet

Please do not throw away food trash in the classrooms if at all possible.  There are trash cans in the hallways for that.  Please do not remove anything from the classrooms or write on the boards.  We are given the space on campus out of the good will of our faculty and staff and your respect for that space allows us to run this tournament every year.

Wifi:   PHS-Student
Password: NanoNagle

Lunch on Saturday runs from 11:30 – 1:00pm – go get food as soon as your flight is over!
  Entry fees include lunch for all competitors, judges, and coaches, but do not include the price of other things at concessions.  Dinner is also provided on Friday.

The acceptable wait time for competitors and judges after a round is posted is 15 minutes.  If you are waiting at your room for a competitor or judge for longer than 15 minutes it is your responsibility to call the tabroom (408-568-3262 or 832-646-1800).  We have awarded double losses in the past. 

Friday, November 9th

Registration:                      4:00pm
All Debate R1:                    5:00pm
Dinner:                              6:30pm
All Debate R2:                    7:00pm
NLD R3:                             8:30pm
NPF R3(single fight):           8:30pm






Saturday, November 10th

Extemp draw R1:                 7:30am
Individual Events R1:           8:00am
NPAR, JVPF, JVLD, NCX R3:   9:15am 
NLD, NPF R4:                      9:15am
Congress Prelim:                 9:15am
Extemp draw R2:                 10:45am
Individual Events R2:           11:15am
Lunch:                                11:30am - 1:00pm
JVPF, JVLD, NCX R4:            12:30pm 
NLD, NPF R5:                      12:30pm
NPAR Finals                         12:30pm
Extemp draw R3:                 2:00pm
Individual Events R3:           2:30pm
Congress Final:                   3:45pm
JVPF, JVLD, NCX R5:            3:45pm 
NLD, NPF R6:                      3:45pm
Extemp draw Finals:            5:15pm
Individual Events Finals:      5:30pm
Extemp Finals:                    5:45pm