Peach State Classic

2018 — Carrollton, GA/US

Topic - EXT and IMP and Congressional Bills

Information about Student Congress

*We will use the 2018 October Legislation Packet provided by the NSDA (You can find this legislation on the NSDA website under Resources):

*A student may enter up to bills to be added to the agenda.  These bills must be submitted via email to:

by Friday November 2, 2018


Topic Areas for Extemporaneous Speaking

Round 1:  Education Reform

Round 2:  Immigration

Round 3:  Heath and Humans Services

Round 4:  Middle East

Round 5:  World Politics     

Finals: The Great Outdoors


Topic Areas for Impromptu Speaking

Round 1: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Round 2: “Meet Me at the Crossroad”

Round 3: “All My X’s Live in Texas”

Round 4: “The Nutcracker”

Round 5: “I Rather Go Blind”

Semis: “Georgia on my Mind”


Final Round:  It’s a Small, Small World After All