Junction City JVNovice

2018 — Junction City, KS/US

Directions to the Freshman Success Academy

The address to the FSA is 300 W 9th Street.

Coming from Interstate 70, take exit 299.

At the end of the exit turn right and go the short distance to the stop sign.  

Turn left.  This road is posted at 40 mph.  It will beg you to go faster.  Do not succumb to its siren song.  The ticket is very expensive and you will never live it down.

Continue on this street to Adams.  (Third stoplight; you will be past the Daily Union and before the DDS office).  Turn right onto Adams.

Go three blocks to 9th street.  There is a parking lot on 9th and Adams, one on 10th and Adams, and one on 10th and Madison.

The only open doors will be the main entry on 9th and the one on 10th directly opposite.


If you are heading south on Hwy 77, at the intersection of 57 (with both a stoplight and a gas station on the corner) turn east (left).  

If you are going north on Hwy 77, the intersection is the 5th stoplight after the freeway.  Turn east (right). 

Continue this direction through the 3 way stop to 10th street, right after the football field.  Turn left onto 10th.  The FSA is one block on your right.