Polygon Invitational

2018 — Fremont, CA/US



Round 1: Approving Proposition 10 (2018) would do more good than harm.

Round 2: The California State Government should mandate exemptions from ordinary zoning rules (such as height, density, and parking requirements) for new housing units constructed near major transit stops and high-quality transit corridors.

Round 3: The Supreme Court of the US should allow the video recording of its proceedings.

Round 4: The US federal government should militarily intervene in Yemen to oppose the Saudi-led intervention.

Round 5: On balance, a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be better than a two-state solution.

Semifinals: The US federal government should implement a policy to phase out the use of cash in the US economy.

Finals: The US federal government should significantly increase its lethal military assistance for the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.



Round 1: The California State Government should raise the gas tax.

Round 2: The US federal government should ban the production and importation of meat for human consumption.

Round 3: The US federal government should adopt a single payer healthcare system.

Round 4: The use of plea bargaining in the US criminal justice system does more harm than good.