Golden Desert NIETOC Foothill HS

2018 — Henderson, NV/US


Golden Desert NIETOC  Individual Event Tournament

Foothill High School  at November 9 & 10, 2018

Panel A:   Domestic Extemp (Varsity & Novice), Impromptu, Oratory, DUO Interpretation,

POI/ Program Oral Interpretation


Panel B: Foreign Extemp (Varsity & Novice), Humorous InterpretationInformative Speaking,  Dramatic Interpretation

Friday     November 9, 2018

2:30        Registration/Coaches' Check In

3:00        Extemp Draw / Domestic
3:30        Round I Panel A                                                                  

4:15         Extemp Draw/ Domestic                   
5:30        Round II Panel A

7:00        Extemp Draw/ Domestic
7:15         Round III Panel A 

8:30        Finals –DX  ONLY (novice & varsity), Impromptu

Saturday    November 10, 2018

 8:00      Extemp Draw/ Foreign

 8:00       Round I Panel B
10:00     Round II Panel B
12:00     Round III Panel B

12:00     Quarter Finals Panel A – DUO

1:30        Semi-finals for Panel A  -Oratory & POI

2:30        Semi-finals Panel B INFO, FX & DI

3:30        Finals for Panel A

4:30        Finals for Panel B

6:00        Awards  (awards will be held as soon as the final ballots are tabulated)

***Please note: Quarter-Finals or Semi-Final Rounds will be run as soon as possible, and only in fields that necessitate them due to size. We will run semis for both patterns concurrently if possible.