2018 — Madison, WI, WI/US

First Year Policy

Badgerland's policy division provides a unique opportunity for Wisconsin novice debaters to meet and debate with those from other states. This means some bending of the Wisconsin standard rules for the division. The standard WDCA limitations on novices ARE NOT in effect. Instead this division operates similarly to Wisconsin LD and PF divisions - a special division for middle school or first year debaters to meet students at or near their current experience level.

1) Cases/Arguments. The Wisconsin novice packet can be found at:

Wisconsin teams limiting themselves to the packet do not need to submit additional information.
However, to help students navigate the division, all participating teams must disclose any arguments (including clearly labeling any CP or Ks as such) that are not also in the Wisconsin packet. Teams need only share enough info so an opposing team can reasonably prep the issue/argument and be sure to have files. Information should be emailed to Tim Scheffler (timscheff @ I will create a custom tab on tabroom as the information is shared with me.

2) Judging. Some of our out of state teams were caught a bit off guard with Wisconsin's rule not allowing responsible experienced debaters judge novice. My personal feeling is that most students take the responsibly seriously and provide good feedback to the novices they judge. I think it also gives them great insight into how a judge assesses a round and improves them as debaters. Schools are responsible for training judges on using online balloting AND how to appropriately interact with novice debaters.
Thus, I'd like to offer teams the chance to bring upperclassmen varsity debaters to judge novice policy.  I ask that you 1) put in a judge note indicating they are a student, 2) if you have an adult judge in novice who SHOULD NOT judge varsity policy that you indicate that in the notes. This will allow us to swap judges between divisions, if needed, without assigning a student to varsity.