Middle school policy at OCC

2018 — Costa Mesa, CA, CA/US

Argument restrictions

This is a tournament for beginning middle school students and we will be using an extremely limited evidence set. Affirmative teams are required to read the aff at the link below. It is the NDCA novice packet open borders aff with just the econ advantage. Negative teams are required to read the 1NC at the link below. It is the overpopulation disad from the NDCA open borders case neg, with a brain drain turn on case. Teams aren't required to read every card (and can of course highlight down) but can't add. For the later speeches, cards from the full NDCA open borders aff and case neg may be read, but should be limited to extensions of the arguments in the 1AC/1NC (e.g. no 2NC counterplans).


Full aff file:
Full neg file: