Har Ber High School RoundUp

2018 — Springdale, AR/US


Har Ber High School RoundUp Schedule 

8:30 AM General Meeting

Speaker Awards will be given out during the lunch break for HS & JH IPDA and HS BQ.  There will be another gathering for World Schools and Big Question Speaker Awards after Rd. 3.  Beginning at quarters trophies will be awarded in rounds. Please remember to sign up for concessions it will be delivered at 12:00 on Saturday.  Concessions will have drinks and side items.

IPDA & HS Big Questions

8:45 AM HS & JH IPDA/BQ Rd. 1

10:00 AM HS & JH IPDA/BQ Rd 2

11:15 AM HS & JH IPDA/BQ Rd 3

12:45 PM HS & JH IPDA/BQ Quarters

2:00 PM HS & JH IPDA/BQ Semis

3:15 PM HS & JH IPDA/BQ Finals


HS & JH Duet Improv

12:45 PM Duet Improv Rd. 1

2:00 PM Duet Improv Semis

3:15 PM Duet Improv Finals

JH Big Questions

12:45 PM Junior High BQ Rd. 1

2:00 PM Junior High BQ Rd. 2

3:15 PM Jr. high BQ Rd. 3

4:25 PM Jr. High BQ Semis

5:35 PM Jr. High BQ Finals 

World Schools

12:45 PM World Schools Rd 1

1:55 PM World Schools Rd. 2

 3:05 PM World Schools Rd. 3     

4:25 PM World Schools Semis

5:35 PM World Schools Finals