Berkeley High School Parli Invitational

2018 — Berkeley, CA/US

Finals Tiebreakers

The teams breaking to finals will be determined as follows:



Ballot count (we plan to use panels for Round 5 in undefeated rounds, at least in the open division)

School Diversity (preferring a second team in finals from a different school than the top seed) 

Speaker points (dropping high/low)

Speaker points (total)

Strength of opposition


In order to minimize delays, for rounds with panels, the round will be recorded in Tabroom using the winner (based on majority judge vote) and points (assigned by the chair). This may result in a low-point win if the chair squirrels (or if the chair intends to give a low-point win and the chair is in the majority).


Addendum: ballot count will be used as a tiebreaker within the 5-0 bracket only, since 4-1 teams will have different numbers of ballots, depending on whether they were in a paneled round 5.