Westridge All Womxns Round Robin

2018 — Pasadena, CA/US

About the All-Womxn's RR

We are proud to offer 24 teams of womxn novices the opportunity to practice debating in an environment geared toward not only creating a space free from sexism, but empowering debaters to actively fight sexism in the debate community as a whole. In order to increase accessibility, we welcome hybrid teams (teams with debaters from different schools), maverick debaters (teams consisting of only one debater), and independent entries.

Who can enter?

All femme/female identifying individuals who face resultant marginalization in debate are welcome. If you navigate the debate community/world as a feminine-identifying or ID’d person and experience sexism, this tournament is designed as a safe-space for you.


What about male chaperones?

While we respect that some teams may have male coaches or parents who need to chaperone the tournament, rounds themselves are designed as spaces where womxn can feel safe. As such, males are welcome, although they are asked not to watch rounds and judge. We appreciate your cooperation in helping keep this tournament the safe-space that womxn too often don’t have access to in this activity.


What about male judges?

In order to preserve the quality of judging and feedback, we ask that teams bring a qualified womxn judge (including varsity level high school competitors, womxn coaches, college competitors, or other judges with knowledge of flowing, tabroom, and the norms of debate) for every two entries. We ask that all judges have a paradigm on tabroom, experience with debate (coaching, judging, or competing), and identify as femme/female. Due to the nature of the request, schools that cannot provide a qualified womxn judge will still be accommodated.  If you are unable to meet these requirements please contact us.  There will be no fee, we just need to know how many judges to provide.  If we are not contacted about judging by April 12th, we will assume that you are bringing a qualified judge for every two entries. Should you not contact us by April 12th and your judge is either unqualified, not a womxn, or not present, your entries will be dropped.


What about food?

Westridge Speech & Debate will be providing pizza and drinks for sale. Please bring cash with which to purchase food. All proceeds will go to Voices.


How much does this cost?

Each PF entry costs $20. Please contact either Gia Karpouzis or Rachel Harris for fee waivers.


How do breaks work?

Teams will be placed into "pods" with other teams. For the first four preliminary rounds, the pods will debate within themselves. The top team from each pod will advance to a Semi Final, and from there a Final Round.


Is there a dress code?

Suits and professional wear are not mandatory. Please dress in whatever you feel is comfortable.