Isidore Newman School Invitational

2017 — New Orleans, LA/US

Event Fees and Judge Fees

Entry Fees

Congressional Debate Entry - $25.00
Lincoln Douglas Debate Entry - $25.00
Policy Debate Team - $35.00
Public Forum Debate Team - $35.00
Speech Entry (duo team counts as a single entry) - $25.00

Judge Fees and Quotas

1 debate judge covers 8 Congress debaters, 3 LD debaters, 3 PF teams, or 2 Policy teams
1 speech judge covers 5 Speech entries (duo team counts as a single entry)
Hired Debate Judges - $175.00
Hired Speech Judges - $175.00

Each judge may fulfill a commitment in at most ONE category:
Category 1:  Policy, LD, PF, Congress
Category 2:  Speech

Every school must provide at least half of its judging in every category.  Getting hired judges to come to New Orleans in December is difficult.  As exciting as our city may be for the average college student, some still value studying for exams.

Please make checks payable to:
Isidore Newman School
c/o Greg Malis
1903 Jefferson Ave
New Orleans LA 70115

If your school requires a W-9 to list Isidore Newman School as a vendor, here is a link to a completed W-9: