New York City Invitational Debate and Speech Tournament

2017 — Bronx, New York, NY/US

Independent Entry Requirements

To the extent a student would like to enter the tournament as an independent, the tournament will require the following:

1. A certification from the school's designated speech and debate faculty member or administrator stating that the school has "no objection" to the student competing at the tournament and being identified as affiliated with, but not representing, the school (e.g., Bronx Science Independent).  The affiliation requirement is one of fairness so that other entries may more readily identify their competitors.

2. The certification must either (a) be signed by such person on the school's letterhead or (b) sent by such person via email from the school's internet address (e.g., directly to the tournament host and such email address must be readily ascertainable in the public domain (e.g., faculty member's email is listed on the school's website).  

All other conditions set forth in the invitation (including designation of an adult chaperone) remain applicable.