Illinois Debate Coaches Association JVNovice State

2017 — New Trier Northfield Campus, IL/US

Food Options

We will have a dinner option on Friday, March 10th and a lunch option on Saturday, March 11th. 

No program is obligated to purchase meals for their students. Students may bring their own dinner or lunch if they would prefer. 

In order to make the food optional for programs, we must do pre-orders. Our orders are due to both establishments on March 2nd. 

While we are doing our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, if your students have very particular dietary needs, then we suggest they opt to bring their own meals if possible. Please see below for the meal options and use the concessions tab to order your meals. All meal requests must be made through tabroom.

Drinks, snacks, and other concessions will be available for students. Judge food will be in the lounge. 

Friday, 3/10

Potbelly - sandwich, chips, and cookie. Each sandwich comes with mustard and mayo on the side (in packets), tomatoes, and lettuce. 

- Ham sandwich

- Turkey sandwich

- Veggie sandwich (mushroom and cheese)

Saturday, 3/11

Domino's Pizza - each pizza is 14 inches and cut into 10 slices. 

- Cheese

- Pepperoni

- Sausage