1st and 2nd Year National Championships at Woodward Academy

2017 — Atlanta, GA/US

Student Judge Awards

Special awards will again be presented at this year’s awards ceremony to honor the best student-judges at the tournament. Recipients will be determined by our tab room staff based on the following criteria: responsibility (starting rounds on-time, protecting classroom spaces, professional conduct, etc.), ballot writing (appropriate balance of completeness and brevity, balance of positive comments and constructive criticism, etc.), and feedback from others. Students and coaches are encouraged to highlight the good work of student-judges to our tab staff either in-person or on Twitter (@woodwarddebate). Positive feedback from students about judges that voted against them will be especially persuasive. Recipients will receive a framed certificate and will be recognized at our awards ceremony.

2014 Winners

Eileen Li — Westminster
Shanan Leeman — Chattahoochee
Adam Weichman — Dallas Jesuit
Listya Munthe — Chattahoochee
Chelsea Thorpe — Johns Creek

2015 Winners

Tiffany Haas — Wayzata
Bennett Harrison — Dallas Jesuit
Nicole Moxley — Alpharetta
Jacob Shelton — Chattahoochee
Catherine Williams — Alpharetta

2016 Winners

Alina Cui — University of Chicago Lab
Duvall Adair — Marist
Elizabeth Cordoves — Carrollton Sacred Heart
Katie Carithers — Westminster