John Edie Holiday Debates hosted by Blake

2016 — MN/US

Big Questions

2016  Big Questions Schedule



December 17, 2016 (SATURDAY) 

10:30 -12 PM              Registration -- Outside Mirage Room on Second Floor of Hyatt 

                                  You can also pre-register on tabroom.

                                  If you pre-register on tabroom and are in PF, please confirm you interest during this time.
12:30-2:00                 Round 1 Flighted 

2:15-3:45                   Round 2 Flighted 

4:00-5:30                   Round 3 Flighted

We must be on time and end by 5:30 -- so we may single flight some rooms especially if we have the judges in round 3.

5:30 Awards


Fees -- Free if you can provide a judge for every four debaters or fraction thereof.  If you cannot we will do $10 an entry but we are trying to avoid that.


Resources -- Lots of free resources, including full cases, posted at NSDA --


We will use the updated NSDA format which is about 45 minutes a round and you can enter as a single debater or a team of two.  See the information here --