FGCCFL Novice Championship

2023 — Seminole, FL/US

PJ Attire

Yes, we are allowing students (and coaches and judges should you choose to participate) to wear your PJs!

Duo or PFD or Policy teams may match, but not costume to complement the piece of the debate topic.

PJs MUST follow the appropriate guidelines for tournament attire!

  • No undergarments should show (but they must be worn).
  • No bare midriffs or bare backs or tops showing cleavage.
  • No spaghetti straps or anything similar.
  • Appropriate shorts length (this means close to the knees and not the other direction), no "fly gap" on PJ pants.
  • No sheer material. (We suggest you avoid flannel.)
  • No inappropriate material designs or words.
  • Slippers are acceptable, but be sure they fit well and they cover your toes (for safety).

Don't want to wear PJs? Casual attire is also acceptable. SAME attire rules apply.