Red Raider Open 2023

2023 — Greenville, SC/US

Congress Docket

The Greenville High School Tournament will use bills from both the January legislation and the February legislation.

First Session

Primary Bills

A Bill to Ban Domestic Short-Haul Flights

A Resolution to review the Peace Corps

A Resolution to Reimburse Private Employers for Federal Holidays

Secondary Bills

A Bill to Require that Fees for Curbside Garbage Collection be Levied by Weight

A Resolution to Discourage Scottish Independence

Second Session

Primary Bills

A Bill to Block Advanced Creative AI Websites and Apps

A Resolution to Discourage Social Media Use Among Elected Officials

A Bill to Invest in Namibia’s Oil Fields

Secondary Bills

A Bill to Allow all Federal Employees the Right to Unionize

A Resolution to Encourage the Establishment of Battery-Swapping Programs