Presentation PF Invitational

2016 — San Jose, CA/US


You are cordially invited to participate in the 4th annual Presentation High School Public Forum Invitational, November 12th-13th, 2016. We will provide competition in Varisty and Novice Public Forum debate. The tournament will use the NSDA November topic for all divisions.



The tournament will be able to accommodate up to 80 entries in each division. Once we reach the cap in either event we will start a waitlist that will prioritize new school admission and then smaller school entries. There will be an initial cap of 6 entries per division. Those caps may be lifted mid-October.


Only degree granting institutions may enter. Private after school programs are not permitted. All Middle School entries will be waitlisted pending director approval.

All tournament related communication MUST occur through the adult coach or the school.

All entries must be submitted through No exceptions.


The Varsity division will feature six single-flighted preliminary rounds of debate and will clear all winning records to the elimination rounds up to octafinals. Varsity teams reaching the semifinal round will receive bids to the Tournament of Champions. Entry Fees include Lunch for both Saturday and Sunday


The Novice division will feature six single-flighted preliminary rounds of debate. All entries with winning records will receive awards. Entry fees include Lunch on Sunday.


Presentation High School is (2281 Plummer Ave) located in south San Jose near the Willow Glen neighborhood. We ask that you park on campus during your time on campus. We also ask that students remain on campus for the duration of competition.



Fees for the tournament are $80 for Varsity and $60 for Novice. There is no mandatory school fee. Drop fees will be applied for drops made after November 8th. Varsity entry fees include lunch both Saturday and Sunday. Novice entry fees include lunch on Sunday. Novices may attend the tournament on Saturday for a $10 fee to help cover the cost of their food.



One judge for every two entries. Each uncovered entry will incur a $150 judge fee. Uncovered debater fees will be applied on November 1st as well. Please indicate your need for a hired judge via Tabroom as early as possible for the sake of the tournament.



Registration will be carried out by phone call-in.  On Friday, November 11th Between 3:00pm and 9:00pm, you can call 408-568-3262 and leave a message indicating any drops, adds, or changes you have.