The JW Patterson Invitational Debates at Heritage Hall

2017 — Oklahoma City, OK/US

Judge Info

Judging Requirements


*All varsity policy and varsity LD judges must have judge philosophies online (tabroom or wikispaces options), if you have trouble starting one contact me but when you create a tabroom account for a judge there is a place to write the philosophy or post a link to a previous one.

Online judge philosophy wiki:

Policy: 1 judge per two entries

Novice Policy: 1 judge per two entries  (junior or senior high school students that are experienced debaters can be used as novice judges).  High school students serving as novice judges do not have access to the judge lounge and should prepare to pay for food just like a participant.  

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas: 1 judge per 3 entries


All judges are obligated for 1 full (not partial) round past their school's elimination from the tournament.

Hired Judging Info and Cost

You may choose to hire out judging but we have a limited number of rounds for hire.  Once those rounds are gone they are gone.  We strongly encourage directors, and all coaches in attendance to judge.  

Policy Judges: $30 per round

Varsity LD: $25 per round