SFL Novice After School

2016 — SD/US


Please read the tournament invite for full details of the tournament. 

A few specific items

Entries - This tournament should be for true first year debaters. Anyone that debated last year, no matter how small the participation, please email me specifically about their registration. I will make decisions on a case-by-case basis. The purpose of this tournament is to provided a more controlled introduction to debate. 


Judges - Please make sure the judges will provide USEFUL and PROFESSIONAL feedback. If they have a tabroom account, we will use online balloting. All judges need to be at the school by 3:50 for a judge meeting.


Keep things moving - please remind all judges and debaters to keep the tournament moving. We do not have time for oral comments after every round. If it is that important, put it on the ballot ot type them up and send later.