49th Harvard National Forensics Tournament

2023 — Cambridge, MA/US

COVID Policies

Vaccination: The tournament encourages and requests that all participants be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19. Please note: Harvard requires all of its community members (defined as students, staff, and faculty) to be vaccinated for COVID-19, including an updated bivalent booster. Non-Harvard community members, including non-embedded vendors, visiting scholars, speakers, students/faculty from other academic institutions, families and guests of Harvard students, alumni, and human subjects participating in research should be notified that Harvard has a vaccination and booster requirement for its community members. However, per the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the College's policies, visitors, as non-community members, are not required to submit documentation or attestation.

Testing: We request every participant to take a rapid antigen test before you begin traveling to Cambridge. If you test positive, please remain home. During the tournament, if you develop symptoms at any time, please take a rapid test immediately.

Masking: Masking is optional in all Harvard spaces used for the tournament. However, we encourage all participants to wear masks as much as possible and we request that all participants have a mask available for use at all times in case of a request by another participant in close proximity. Students are permitted to wear masks while competing, and judges should not penalize any student who chooses to compete with a mask.