Columbus Blue Devil Debates

2016 — GA/US

Tentative Schedule

Tentative Schedule

 We will accelerate the schedule if/when possible. Please remain on campus at all times (do not leave for lunch). A 15-minute forfeiture rule will be in effect, and students who forfeit rounds may risk removal from the tournament.


7:30 - 8:00 AM: Registration/Check-in   (Please send your students to the cafeteria, located between the gym and main building.  Coaches can enter the building by the side entrance and follow signs to registration outside the auditorium.)

8:30 AM - Round 1 (All Events)

10:15 AM - Round 2 (All Events) 

12:45 PM - Round 3 (All Events)

2:30 PM - Round 4 (All Events)

4:15 PM - Elimination Rounds (As Needed)


6:30 PM - Awards (CHS Auditorium)