Golden Desert Debate Tournament 2023 at UNLV

2023 — Las Vegas, NV/US

2023 Congressional Debate Information


We are excited to welcome you all to the Golden Desert Congressional Debate tournament at UNLV tomorrow! We have some important updates that you will want to make sure that you share with your students:

1. We will be in the Hospitality Building (HOS). There are 10 total restrooms in HOS, but we are asked to use two of them only (otherwise custodial has to clean all 10 restrooms). There are signs on the doors of the 8 restrooms not to use, so please do not use them if there is a sign on them telling you not to use it.

2. When you arrive, please report to HOS 384(Congress tab). Students will be competing in HOS as well.

3. As a reminder, internet is permitted for research during the sessions.

4. Chambers must use direct questioning. Anyone planning on acting as a Presiding Officer should note that Direct Questioning requires its own precedence and recency tracked separately from speeches.

5. Legislation will be published on Monday, January 23rd!