Damien Winter Middle School and Novice Invitational

2022 — La Verne, CA/US

Independent Entry Letter


(template--copy/paste the text and fill in the blanks as appropriate):


Dear Damien High School:

This letter is to inform you that we would like our student, ___________________, to attend The Damien Middle School Winter Invitational from XXXX and that they do so with our full consent and permission. We have arranged for our child to be fully chaperoned and for transportation to our satisfaction, and accept full responsibility and liability for our child during the entire course of the event. We understand and agree that Damien High School, its employees, and its agents provide no chaperones for the event, and further agree that Damien High School, its employees, and its agents are hereby relieved of any responsibility or liability of any sort for the supervision of our child.

The following person will be chaperoning our child:

Name: _________________________________________________________

Cell phone: _____________________________________________________

Relationship to child: __________________________________________

By signing this we are certifying that we are in fact the legal guardians of the listed child, and have full legal authority to act on the listed child's behalf.

________________________ _________________________ ________________________

Parent/Guardian Name Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Parent/Guardian contact information:

________________________ _________________________

Cell phone Email