Quarry Lane Invitational

2022 — Dublin & Online, CA/US



In prelims, all events will be single division (open). This will only change if numbers justify it. 

Breakout Elims

In elims, there will be both open, junior varsity, and novice elimination round brackets for debate, and open and novice elimination round brackes for speech.

Students will compete in no more than one elim bracket. There are no bracket promotions.

Physical Awards will be given to all brackets.

Novice Eligibility

1. Opt-in. Coaches can register Debate students via their division, and can register speech students through a google form on the initial tabroom registration page.

2. General Rule. For purposes of this tournament, novice speech/debaters must be either (1) in their first year of any format of speech/debate (one school year), or, (2) if they have yet to reach an elimination round in their current format, their second year of any format of speech/debate (two school years). 

3. Minimum Tournaments. Attending at least a single tournament during a single school year counts as using that entire year's eligibility. Students cannot proportion multiple tournaments across years into a single year.

4. Maximum Year. Third year competitors are ineligible for novice.

5. Middle School. A student's middle school year(s) would count toward eligibility. Middle School is 6th - 8th grade. 

6. Partners. For partnered events, both students must satisfy the eligibility requirements.