SCU Dempsey Cronin Invitational

2016 — Santa Clara, CA/US

Fees and Judging Requirements

Judging Requirements
Schools are required to fulfill at least 50% of their debate and events requirement when fees are assessed on Monday, November 14, 2016. Fees for uncovered entries are listed below. Each judge covers two teams (Parli or Policy); four Public Forum teams/ four Lincoln Douglas debaters/duo entries or six event entries in each pattern. School will pay a judging penalty fee per event slot, Congress entry, Lincoln Douglas/Duo Interp or debate team not covered by school judges. Judges are committed one round past where their school drops from competition. Judges are assumed to be experienced and prepared to judge their assigned events or debate formats. Debate judges are free to determine style questions at the beginning of each round. School judges who fail to check in at the judging table when assigned may have their team fined the aforementioned penalties per round.   Please contact us if you're unsure of your judging commitment, or have any other questions regarding judging.

Use this form to compute how much you will owe at registration:
FEES:  __1__ School Fee X $40                              = ______
____ number of Event entries/Congress entered X $15= _____
____ number of Duo Teams entered X $25                =_____
____ number of Parli. teams/P. F. teams X $50          =_____
____ number of LD entries X $50                              =_____
____ number of Policy Teams X $60                        = _____   
Penalties for Not Providing School Judges:
You are obligated to cover 50% of your judging requirement in debate and events with school judges.
____ Event entries/Congress entries uncovered X $15 = _____
 ____ Duo entries uncovered X $20                           = _____
____ Parliamentary teams/Public Forum teams X $60 = _____
_____L-D entries uncovered X $50                           =  _____
____ Policy Teams uncovered X $100                           = _____  
Total Fees = ____________  
Please make checks payable to
 "Santa Clara Debate".  Fees are due at 'check in' at SCU the weekend of the tournament.