SCU Dempsey Cronin Invitational

2016 — Santa Clara, CA/US


Thursday, November 19

4pm-8pm Confirm registration by phone (408.554.4693).  If busy leave a message and return number and we'll get back to you!


Friday, November 18

1pm-3pm   Fees Paid LD and Policy Schools - Benson Center, Parlor A

3pm-5pm   Round I   LD and Policy Only

5pm-7pm   Round II  Debate LD and Policy/ Round I Parli and PoFo

7pm-9pm   Round III  Debate LD and Policy/ Round II Parli and PoFo


Saturday, November 19

7am-8am  Final Registration - All Other Schools - Benson Center, Parlor A

8am-10am  Rd IV Debate LD and Policy/Round III Parli and PoFo /Congress Rd 1 (Bills 1-2)*

10am-Noon  Round I  Events

Noon-2pm  Rd V Debate LD and Policy/Rd. IV Parli and PoFo / Congress Round 2 (Bills 3-4)*

2pm - 4pm Round II Events

4pm - 6pm Round VI Debate  LD and Policy/Rd. V Parli and PoFo/ Congress Rd 3 (Bills 5-6)*

6pm - 8pm  Round III Events

8pm - 10pm  Double Octos Varsity Debate only

10pm Events Breaks


Sunday, November 20

8:30am-10am   Events Semifinals / Congress Semifinals (Bills 7-8)*   

10m-Noon  Octofinals Debate  

Noon - 2pm    Events Finals 

2pm-4pm   Quarters Debate / Congress Finals (Bills 9-10)*

4pm - 5pm  Awards

5pm - 7pm  Semifinals Debate

7pm - 9pm  Finals Debate