Panther Pride MS ELM School Asynch State Prep Tournament

2022 — Online, UT/US


Middle School Extemp combines international and domestic issues (as opposed to two separate events like high school). Students are presented with a choice of three questions related to national and international current events. The student has 30 minutes to prepare a seven-minute speech answering the selected question. Students may consult articles and evidence they gather prior to the contest. Students CAN use one 3x5 note card during their speech. 

Procedure for event:

 On April 26th @ 10:30 AM coaches will receive an email with the topic for this event and they will be published on the website later that same day. On the Honor System coaches will assign students a topic at random from the list. Topics will be picked from the February and March NFHS list. They will use this one topic for the entirety of the tournament. Once students know the topic there 30 min of prep starts, and they will perform the speech in front of the camera immediately following that 30 min of time. I personally suggest that coaches email the topics to the students that way the student can open it when they are ready to start there time. Please do not allow students to have additional prep time. 


Sample Ballot: