20 6A UIL Academics LD and Speech

2022 — Richmond - Bush HS, TX/US

Hired Judge Code of Conduct

The 20-6A committee has decided on the following for judges of the competitions:

Judges will be notified of the following requirement regarding fraternizing with students:

a. The students have been instructed not to disclose to any judge the name of their school, their competitive record, their years of experience, or any other identifying information.”

b. Students are NOT to wear their letter jackets or any other school-identifying clothing to the rounds, or have anything visibly in their possession that identifies them by their school’s name.

c. Judges will remain in the judges’ hospitality lounge (away from students and coaches) when not judging.

We have the following requirements for hired judges:

  • All judges must have graduated from high school in May of 2020 or earlier.
  • All FBISD and LCISD graduates must be coded against their former high school(s).
  • All judges must dress appropriately.
  • Use of phones during rounds other than for timekeeping will be prohibited.


All judges must complete the google form (https://forms.gle/HD9qYYH1NLtQ8AzC6) and background check ( https://www.fortbendisd.com/Page/133013)