NorthEast GCDS

2022 — Syosset, NY/US

Invitation from Syosset coach Lydia Esslinger



Dear Coaches,

The Northeastern Regional Qualification Tournament of the Great Communicator Debates (finals this summer at the Reagan Library in California) will be held Saturday, May 7 at Syosset High School. 

We are pleased to host an in-person tournament after two years on virtual platforms.

Overview and Scholarships 

Information about the entire Great Communicator Debate Series can be found here: 


--Debaters may participate in one “geographic” regional tournament and the Nationwide tournament. Students who have competed in another geographic regional qualifier may not participate in the Northeastern Regional Qualifier.

--Schools may register up to eight students for the Northeastern Regional. Schools can place additional students on a waiting list, which we will clear as soon as possible. 

--All students attending MUST have the approval of their school's principal to attend and to participate under the school’s name. Debaters must be accompanied by a parent or pre-approved authorized adult FOR THE DURATION OF THE EVENT.  If a student is requested to present an adult and cannot do so immediately, the student will be withdrawn from the event.

--The registration fee is $10 per student. Please pay using the online link for the tournament on . Fees and judge obligations will be frozen at that time.

Competitor Rules and Eligibility

A complete set of Rules and Eligibility can be found here:

Judging Requirements

Each school must provide 1 judge for every 2 debaters or fraction thereof. Judges must be at least 18 years old and have been out of high school for two years to be eligible to judge. NO HIRED JUDGING IS PROVIDED. Judges are obligated to remain until the semifinal round is underway.

Judge Training Video can be found here:

Debate Format

--Format details can be found here:

--TOPIC for the tournament:

 Resolved: The United States should institute term limits on its Supreme Court Justices.





Saturday, May 7

8:00                      Registration

8:20am                Assembly             A required meeting for Judges, Coaches, and Students

9:15am                Round 1

10:30am              Round 2              

11:15am              Lunch is provided for adults and students

11:45pm              Round 3

1:00pm                Round 4

2:30pm                Announce Breaks            

2:45pm                Quarter-Finals    An additional break round may be added based on the

4:15pm                Semi-Finals          number of students debating

6:00pm                Finals


 I look forward to seeing you on Long Island in May!

-- Lydia Esslinger (, 516-364-5708)