NSDA Middle School Nationals

2022 — NSDA Campus, US


Events Offered

  1. Debate: Congressional Debate, Lincoln-Douglas, Policy, Public Forum, and World Schools Debate.

  2. Live Speech: Dramatic Interp, Duo Interp (Same Room Only), Humorous Interp, Mixed Extemp, Original Oratory, Informative Speaking (No Visual Aids), and Impromptu.

  3. Asynchronous Speech: Declamation, Prose, Poetry, Program Oral Interp, Pro Con Challenge, Original Spoken Word Poetry, and Storytelling.

  4. Duo Interp partners must compete in the same physical room and in the same virtual window as their partner.

  5. Live speech and debate events will use NSDA Campus with Observers. Up to two coaches per entry may observe debate rounds; up to one coach per entry may observe live speech rounds. No observers are permitted in Congress.


Entry Requirements

  1. The entry fee is $25 per solo entry, $50 per partner entry, and $75 per World Schools entry.

  2. A school may enter up to 8 entries per event.

  3. No double entry is permitted in live speech or debate. Students in live speech may not enter debate events. Students may enter as many asynchronous speech events as they wish.

  4. Students entered in asynchronous speech may also enter up to one live event.

  5. Title, author, and ISBN information for Interpretation events, title and topic for Original Oratory and Informative Speaking, and title for Declamation, must be posted on the registration website by May 15.

  6. Coaches must acquire a signed Entry Release Form for each competitor before the first day of competition, retain these signed forms through December 31, and be ready to produce them at any point during or following the Middle School National Tournament. These forms do not need to be uploaded to the registration website.

  7. Coaches must certify that each contestant entered under their school name is a student at this middle school and will be under the supervision of a supervising adult who is the student’s parent, coach, or school administrator, approved by the school principal by agreeing to the disclaimer prior to registering. No forms need to be uploaded, but evidence that a school has violated this agreement could result in disqualification of the school's entries.

  8. Schools that have entries in Duo or partner debate events that plan to compete in the same physical room must make their school administration aware that students will be competing in the same physical room receive approval that the protocols put in place are sufficient to be compliant with school safety requirements.