National Debate Coaches Association National Championships

2017 — Ogden, UT/US


Thursday April 6, 2017

Midnight - MPJ sheets due

Friday April 7 2017

8 am               Registration - onsite confirmation opens

7:30 pm - 9 pm     Fees and Appendix's collection - Mandatory for teams who have not paid in advance. All other schools can skip this PLEASE PAY IN ADVANCE - Courtyard Ogden - English Walnut room

Saturday April 8 2017 @ Weber State University

630 am:          Buses to campus begin.  20 minute loops.  Marriott Courtyard to Campus, three loops 20 minutes apart.  Last bus leaves at 7:10 am

7:00 am           Round 1 pairings released and Breakfast at Weber State

8 am                Round 1

10 am              Round 2 pairings released

11 am              Round 2

1 pm                Lunch at Weber State

2:30 pm           Round 3

5:30 pm           Round 4

800 pm:         Buses to hotel begin.  Pick up at south entrance of student union.  20 minute loops.  Last bus leaves campus at 8:40 pm

9-11:00 pm     Reception for all coaches/judges - light snacks - hosted by the NDCA in the English Walnut Room at the Ogden Marriott Courtyard

April 9, 2017 @ Weber State University

7:00 am        Buses to campus begin.  Marriott to Campus, three loops 20 minutes apart.  

8 am                Round 5 pairings released Breakfast at Weber State

9 am                Round 5

11 am              Lunch at Weber State

12:30               Round 6

3:30 pm                Awards at Weber St

5:00 pm                Elimination Round 1

8:00 pm                Elimination round 2 (if partial triple octafinals are necessary in CX. If partial triples are not necessary there will only be one elimination round in CX on Sunday night. There will only be one elimination round in other events)

7:30 to 11:30 pm          Buses to hotel begin.   Pick up at south entrance of student union.   20 minute loops.  Last bus leaves campus at 11 pm

April 10, 2017 Courtyard Ogden

7:00 am           Strike cards available (if used)

7:15 am           Strike cards due

7:30 am           Pairings for the first elimination round of Day 4

8:00 am           Elimination round (if necessary)

11:00 am         Elimination round  (if necessary)

2 pm                Elimination round (if necessary)

5 pm                Elimination round (if necessary)

In both preliminary and elimination round competition forfeit time is fifteen minutes after the announced start time of each round. Only a member of the tab room committee or their designee may declare a debate a forfeit due to the late arrival of a team. The tournament committee should strive to create an announced start time that is at least thirty minutes after the release of the pairings for each round. On Day 1 and 2 the forfeit rule should be strictly enforced.