Lake Creek HS UIL Set A Invitational

2022 — Montgomery, TX/US

Speech & Debate


We will offer the following events: LD debate, Informative and Persuasive Extemp, Prose, and Poetry.  There are no novice divisions and no CX.


There are unlimited entries in all events except LD. LD is limited to 6 entries per school. We will close entries when we reach room capacity. Students may enter as many events as they choose EXCEPT they may only enter one extemp.  We will NOT hold any rounds for students who are late, regardless of cross entry.  Cross enter at your own risk! (We MAY open the wait list after registration closes, depending on our confirmed judges).


Schools will be expected to either bring a QUALIFIED judge to the contest or pay a $150 judging fee in order to allow for LCHS to hire a contract judge. All money is used to hire quality judges to ensure quality ballots.

Judging Expectations

School judges must be present FIFTEEN minutes prior to each round (unless they are currently judging) in order to ensure that the tournament runs on time. If a school judge is not present for judge call - they will have to pay a judge fee of $150 in order to cover judging for their absence.

Event Rules and Descriptions

Prose and Poetry: UIL rules will apply.  Documentation will be checked IF a challenge occurs. The category for prelims will be Category A, semis will be Category B, and finals will be readers' choice.

LD Debate: The current UIL topic will be used:

Resolved: In matters of foreign policy, the United States ought to value universal human rights over economic interests.

Prelims will be flighted.  Rounds 1 & 2 are pre-set. Round 3 is power matched.


We will give awards for 1-6th place. Debate 5th and 6th will be determined by speaker points.  Sweepstakes will be awarded to the top 2 schools.  Awards will be presented as events are completed. Awards will not be mailed to schools that leave before they are announced.

Drop fees/cancellations/changes


Please expect your school to be billed for the fees should you violate the deadlines for dropping students. We will not charge for substitutions as long as the original number of people entered does not change in the event.