Lake Creek HS UIL Set A Invitational

2022 — Montgomery, TX/US


1. If your academic contestants wish to cross-enter in speech events, please pay careful attention to the schedule to avoid time conflicts.  We will not delay the start of academic contests for the sake of missing students!

2. Each Computer Applications contestant must provide ALL hardware, software, and supplies (including paper, surge protector and extension cord).  Rooms will open at 9:00 a.m. for set-up.  If there is no grader provided, your student will be disqualified

3. We will enforce the following entry limits on a first-come, first-served basis.  Any students over this limit you can add to a waiting list.  If we have space for additional students, we'll add in the extras!

Computer Applications: Limit 4 per school

Computer Science: Only the first 15 teams will be allowed. 

Journalism & Ready Writing: Limit 5 per school. Copy editing has no entry limit. Students will be pulled from the waiting list if the event does not max out by final registration deadline.

4. We will announce results throughout the day.  Please make certain a representative from your school is present until results from ALL of your students’ events have been announced. Students' papers and a clean copy of each test will be available in brown paper bags in the tab room.  Any unclaimed materials will be discarded after the tournament.  We will NOT mail any unclaimed papers or awards.