NPDL Tournament of Champions

2022 — NSDA Campus, US


All deadlines are at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. The answers to many frequently asked questions about the qualification process can be found here.


2/1/2022 Autoqual bid acceptances open. Register on

2/1/2022 At-large applications open. Register on for regional bids, and complete the application for wildcard bids.

3/1/2022 Points cutoff for all bids 

3/3/2022 Deadline for teams to accept autoqual bids by registering for the tournament on

3/3/2022 Application deadline for regional bid by registering on, and wildcard at-large bids by completing the application

3/15/2022 Deadline to become an NPDL member school (non-members will need to compete as independent entries, and pay a $50 processing fee)

3/20/2022 Fee waiver requests due

3/22/2022 Hired judge requests due

3/22/2022 Deadline for competitors to upload tournament forms (Code of Conduct, release/waiver).

3/22/2022 Registration and judge hire fees must be received by this date.

3/26/2022 Deadline for registering judges (one per team entered)

3/30/2022 Judge paradigms due

3/31/2022 After this date, drops become nonrefundable (including judge hires) 

4/1/2022 Prefs open

4/4/2022 Jargon guide distributed

4/5/2022 Deadline for other participants to upload tournament forms.

4/6/2022 Prefs close

4/8/2022 Tournament begins