BHS Masters Tournament

2022 — NSDA Campus, WY/US


Extemp prep will start at the round start time. Extemp prep will be a Zoom room and the link will be emailed to coaches. The questions will be posted in the chat. The questions are posted by speaker order, so all 1st speakers will use the same three questions, all 2nd speakers will have three different questions to choose from, etc. Also, it is the expectation that competitors keep their cameras on (sound muted) while they prep. 

Since the judges will not likely be in the competition rooms early because the speaking time is later in Extemp, the competitors will report to their prep room instead of competition rooms for a check in process. The person facilitating the draw will check in with the students to make sure all speakers are present and draw on time (to the best of their ability).

Extemp questions will be taken from the NSDA and NFHS and other sources.

Please follow the internet usage rules as defined by the NSDA.